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HAeP International

Power Platform Company for alternative fuel engine and sustainable energy solution.

The supply scope is from 3C to completed engine of Hyundai Motor Company for equipment manufacturers in the industrial, transportation and energy market.

HAeP International Introduction

Company Name  : HAeP International Inc

Foundation          : 2020
Representative    : Kenny Kim
Parent Company : ATECH SNS
Website               :
Head Office         : 166 13, Mubong gil, Jangan myeon,

                              Hwaseong si, Gyeonggi do, Korea


Engine Dress Up

● Packaging for under hood mechanical components

● Packaging for all electrical components

● Performance, emissions and diagnostic calibration

● CARB and EPA certification work

● Training and installation documentation

● Systems technical support and warranty


Global Leading Solution Company in alternative fuel & energy industrial market

HAeP International offers smart, one-stop alternative fuel solutions for engine and transpotation.

We design, manufacture and service engine control system and powertrain module for alternative fuel engine and vehicle.

We focus on low volume porduction, our engine production line is to meet varable customer`s demand.


R&D achievement

1996 Development for the first CNG City Bus in Korea
1998 Build two CNG City bus for a trial run in Incheon city
1999 Development for HD MPI CNG Engine Control System
2004 EPA/CARB Tier 2 Compliance engine production
2005 Development for the first 1ton CNG bi fuel truck in Korea
2006 EPA/CARB Tier 3 Compliance engine production
2007 Demonstration CNG minibus repowering(Coaster) in Peru
2008 Established ‘ATECH SNS’
2009 Demonstration CNG Minibus for HMC HD72 in Indonesia
2010 Development GT301 CNG conversion kit in Bangladesh
2011 CNG Repowering in Thailand with HMC Q340
2013 Development LNG Yard Tractor in Pusan New Port
2015 Development 45kW LPG Genset for distributed power.
2016 EPA/CARB TIER 4 Compliance Engine Production
2017 Development light duty refuse dumping truck for MOE
2018 Production light duty refrigerator logistic truck
2019 The development of powertrain adapter of forklift
2020 Established “HAeP International Inc”

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